• Camping & sites

    Železná Ruda: A camp on the outskirts of town, to the left of the road to Klatovy. Accommodation is available in chalets and tents. Amenities include
  • Castles and chateaus in the region

    Vimperk Chateau Vimperk Castle was founded in the latter half of the 13th Century. The oldest known written record dates from 1263, when Purkart of Vi
  • Essential contact details

PRACHATICE, Slunečná 932, 383 01 Prachatice, tel.:  388 311 074
VIMPERK, Špidrova 117, 385 01 Vimperk, tel.: 
  • Museums in the region

    Kvilda and Bučina Museum of HistoryStanding exhibit:    Historical development of Kvilda and Bučina communities, the Golden Path in the
  • Natural swimming pools & seasonal swimming pools

    Vimperk Outdoor Swimming Pool Hulák Outdoor Swimming Pool, Prachatice Sušice Outdoor Swimming Pool Natural swimming pools: (swimming undertaken at one
  • Options for exploration by visitors

    HikersIn the territory of Šumava National Park (NP) and the Protected Landscape Area (PLA) the only restrictions placed on visitors concern Zone I sit
  • Rope trails

    Proud Rope Trail - Zadov (Sporthotel Olympia) Low-level route for small children, two routes for adults July to August: daily, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. May,
  • Seasonally accessible routes

    Sections of marked hiking trails accessible from 15 July to 15 November only:1) Frantův most - Poledník crossroads2) Poledník crossroads - Javoří slať
  • Ski resorts

    Prameny Šumavy Ski Resort, Kvilda A resort suitable for beginners and undemanding skiers Skier training centre Ski Kvilda, ski rental and servicing Za
  • Swimming pools

    Aquapark Horažďovice 25-metre swimming pool, water slide, children slides, jacuzzi, saunaPrachatice Swimming Pool 25-metre swimming pool, children's p
  • The best of Šumava

    Šumava National Park was founded in 1991, making it the largest national park in the Czech Republic. The Plechý Mountain is the highest peak of the Cz
  • The best viewing sites

    Šumava NP & CHKOBučinaThe mountain of Černá horaZhůříKepelské ZhůříBřezníkViewing the Alps - Švajglova LadaFilipova HuťOblíkTřístoličník - Plechý
  • The picture of Šumava National Park

    Country:                 Czech RepublicRegions:      &n
  • View towers

    Pancíř: The view tower, lying at an elevation of 1214 metres, offers panoramas of the western part of Šumava and its highest mountain top – Großer Arb
  • Zoning in Šumava NP

    Conservation zone I:  9,004 ha, 13% of the territoryZone I comprises ecosystems of the highest importance and sites greatly resembling natural ha