View towers

View towers
Pancíř: The view tower, lying at an elevation of 1214 metres, offers panoramas of the western part of Šumava and its highest mountain top – Großer Arber (the Great Arber). On a clear day, the possibility exists to even see the peaks of the Alps near Dachstein. The tower makes up part of the Pancíř mountain chalet. From Špičák Mountain, Pancíř can be accessed via a chairlift at the midway point of Hofmanky.

Poledník: A view tower atop a peak of the same name at the elevation of 1315 metres, near the village of Prášily. Initially a military facility that was largely dismantled following the fall of the Iron Curtain, the remaining tower has been refurbished as a vantage point. Open from May to October, the tower also regularly puts on exhibitions of paintings, photographs and woodcuts.

Svatobor: Both the original view tower and the mountain-top chalet date from the turn of the 20th century and were renovated by the architect Houra in 1935, lending them their present form. Located west of Sušice at an elevation of 845 m, the tower is 31.6 m high and offers a panoramic view of Šumava, including the foothills.

Javorník: The municipality of Javorník (1065 metres above sea level) is located not far from Stachy and in its immediate vicinity is the view tower of Karel Klostermann. Now re-opened, the original 18.5 m high stone tower was built in 1938. Since the surrounding spruce trees had outgrown the structure, it was heightened in 2003 and then re-opened.

Libín u Prachatic lies at an elevation of 1091 m, and its peak is home to a view tower made of stone. It was built in 1883 and remains unchanged in appearance today. When visibility is good, the tower provides a view of not only the town of Prachatice and Šumava's mountain tops, but also the distant Alps.

Among the most recent view towers is a wooden structure that sits atop Boubín Mountain, a construction built during July to November 2004. Originally, a wooden triangulation point with an observation platform stood at the location until 1974. The modern building provides beautiful panoramic views of Šumava, the foothills, and the Alps.

The newest view tower in Šumava stands on the mountaintop Sedlo near Albrechtice. Opened in December 2009, it offers a perspective of Šumava's peaks and the castle of Kašperk.
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