Camping & sites

Camping & sites
Železná Ruda: A camp on the outskirts of town, to the left of the road to Klatovy. Accommodation is available in chalets and tents. Amenities include social facilities, a playground and a small fast-food restaurant.

Antýgl: A well-equipped camp found by the River Vydra between Modrava and Srní. There is a car park, refreshment kiosk and a food shop, social amenities, showers and a bicycle storage facility. It makes an excellent starting point for hikers and cyclists.

Zahrádky: A camping site by the River Teplá Vltava, it lies 2 km downstream of Borová Lada in the direction of Horní Vltavice. Basic amenities are available, including shops. Swimming in the river is possible.

Horní Vltavice: A camp on the outskirts of the village in the direction of Strážný. Located by the River Teplá Vltava, it offers accommodation in chalets and tents. Social amenities including showers, a sports grounds, and a refreshment kiosk are on site. A convenient starting point for travel by boat.

Lenora: A simply equipped camp site on the outskirts of the village. A good starting point for boaters, it offers canoe rental.

Soumarský most: A typically basic camp site without electricity and other modern conveniences. Accommodation takes the form of chalets, caravans and tents. There is a simple shop for food. Suitable as a set-off point by boat, there is also the option to hire watercraft.

Vodník near Vimperk: A camp on the outskirts of the town of Vimperk. Located within a sports complex, it boasts a modern in-line skating track and offers accommodation in chalets or tents. It is home to the Vodník Restaurant, designed for holidaymakers or day trippers.

Kaplice pod Boubínem: Public camping grounds located beside a car park in Kaplice pod Boubínem. Only a dry toilet is available, but the car park has a shop.  Accommodation in tents.
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