Options for exploration by visitors

Options for exploration by visitors

In the territory of Šumava National Park (NP) and the Protected Landscape Area (PLA) the only restrictions placed on visitors concern Zone I sites, in which they must strictly follow the marked hiking trails,  whereas elsewhere it is possible to move around freely beyond the marked hiking trails.
Routes for hikers are indicated by the usual method of coloured stripes.

Outside of public roads, cyclists can only use bicycles on marked cycle tracks. The list of such routes forms an annex to the Visitor Regulations, or they may be traced on maps.
Cycle routes are delineated by the symbol of a cyclist on wooden signposts in the north-western part of the territory, while in the south-eastern and central parts (i.e. the regions of Nová Pec, Stožec, Borová Lada and Kvilda) demarcation is in the form of yellow sheet-metal signposts, similar to those marking hiking paths.
Most cycle trails are routes shared by hikers. Please act considerately towards others, as well as to the natural sites of the protected area.

Movement by skiers is possible throughout the national park with the exception of Zone I and forest stands; the reason is for safety, hence skiers may only follow paths/roads when in the wood and cannot enter areas with open vegetation. Cross-country skiing trails are labelled with orange sheet-metal signposts displaying a symbol of a skier.

Hiking in winter
In winter, the following tracks are ploughed of snow for hikers:
Kvilda - Bučina
Modrava - Modravský most (Březník direction)
Modrava - Tříjezerní slať - Rokyta
Svinná Lada - Staré Hutě
Borová Lada - Knížecí Pláně
Rokyta - a part of the Vchynice-Tetov navigation canal
Please note that routes may not always be freshly ploughed. When snow melts, the routes become soft and slushy, or some ice may remain.

Wheelchair users
Jezerní slať:
The route starts at the small car park on the road from Horská Kvilda to Kvilda, which contains reserved parking spaces and a portable WC for the disabled. From there, a sandy path gradually descends that becomes a boarded walkway after 250 m.
Approximately 2 m wide, this comfortable path affords views of part of the peat bog.

River Vydra Basin:
Start at the car park at Antýgl. With a convenient destination as its conclusion, the trail takes in the canyon of the River Vydra, the chalet of Turnerova chata and leads as far as Čeňkova Pila (about 7 km, with slightly sloping terrain, comprising a nature trail). Please note that the return journey, which requires going upstream of the River Vydra, is rather challenging, hence it is recommended that the accompanying vehicle is driven from Antýgl to the end point at Čeňkova Pila.

Chalupská slať:
The starting point is the car park at Svinná Lada, where there is a portable WC for the disabled. The trail initially has an uneven asphalt surface, which after 200 metres leads into a slight incline and opens into a boarded walkway. Please note that the walkway is 120 cm wide and runs approximately 30 cm above the surface of the moor. As a result, battens have been installed on either side along the track; several centimetres high, they ensure safe movement even if the surface is wet.
The reward for arriving at the end of the trail is a beautiful view of the lake and the surrounding moor known as Chalupská slať.
Other tips for trips
Rybárna u Modravy
Rechle and a part of the Vchynice-Tetov navigation canal
Knížecí Pláně
Schwarzenberg Navigation Canal

Visitors with prams/pushchairs are welcome to also make use of the routes designed for wheelchair users as well as cycle tracks. The surfaces on some cycle routes may prove occasionally uneven, although they are suitable for large-wheeled prams/pushchairs if some minor discomfort is acceptable.

In-line skating

Sports Resort Vodník near Vimperk
- Loop of less than 2 km, rugged terrain
Dlouhá Ves - Sušice cyclist trail
- Length of approximately 5 km
Vltava Trail
- 16 km in length, a flatland route between Stožec and Nová Pec
- Attention: frequent railway crossings
Pláně - Nové Hutě cyclist trail
- 2 km of an easy route ending in a slope
Svinná Lada - Staré Hutě cyclist trail
- 4 km of a flatland route with a short uphill section

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