Zoning in Šumava NP

Zoning in Šumava NP
Conservation zone I:  9,004 ha, 13% of the territory
Zone I comprises ecosystems of the highest importance and sites greatly resembling natural habitats, which contain the best prerequisites for natural conditions to evolve; these generally involve primeval remnants - climax ecosystems, the first generations of woods following primary forest, successional stages close to natural status, natural wetlands and peat bogs, glacial lakes and streams. Since these remains of ecosystems have been preserved at locations that were difficult to access and exploit in the past, a mosaic-like arrangement exists of such zones. A typical Zone I of the future is expected to consist of integral complexes that allow natural processes to persist without significant influence from the surroundings. In order to create easy-to-identify boundaries, a Zone I may even incorporate significantly altered ecosystems. Entering a Zone I site away from marked trails is prohibited.

Conservation zone II:  56,856 ha, 82% of the territory

Currently, Zone II occupies the prevailing part of the territory of Šumava National Park. Made up of ecosystems altered by previous human activities to varying degrees, Zone II includes forest ecosystems, certain bodies of water, and ecosystems found on farming land and other types of land, these being suitable for limited, nature-friendly and sustainable management as well as for tourism.

Conservation zone III:  3,200 ha, 5% of the territory
Zone III is a border zone where development is permitted. Incorporating built-up areas of settlements as well as zones designated for their development, it includes farm land and other types of intensely used land, but not forests.
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