Spruce bark-beetle is one of the members of the large species community in the spruce forests, including several hundred species of insects.


Bark-beetle is a word, often associated with Šumava, so lets look at this beetle together with the other living organisms in its close proximity more closely.

The bark-beetle belongs to the family of Scolytidae (Bark and ambrosia beetles), which currently contains more than 5000 species. The former Czechoslovakia territory identified a total of 106 types of the species from which at least 26 types came from Šumava.

The most common species occurring on the spruce tree:

Spruce bark beetle (Ips typographus) - its size is 4.2-5.5 mm
Eight-toothed spruce bark beetle (Ips amitinus) - its size is 3.5-4 mm
Pine bark beetle (Pityogenes chalcographus) - its size is 1.8-2.6 mm
Small spruce bark beetle (Polygraphus polygraphus) - its size is 2.2-3 mm
Great spruce bark beetle (Dendroctonus micans) - its size is 8-9 mm
Conifer ambrosia beetle (Trypodendron lineatum) - its size is 2.6-4 mm

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