Rights and duties of a park ranger

Park rangers are legally entitled to:

§ 81, article.8 

a) Identify persons who infringe the law on nature protection,

b) Impose and collect fines for offences committed within the protected territory,

c) to enter property and lands under the conditions defined by Act No. 144/92 Coll., on Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection,

d) Stop and identify any person caught in violation of the law on nature conservation and landscape protection and to hand over such person to the Police of CR; persons detained are obliged to obey orders from the park ranger,

e) Request the help or cooperation of the CR Police, respectively the municipal police, if they cannot fulfil their duty to establish order through their own forces and resources.

Business cardPark ranger duties include:

§ 81a

a) Uphold the park ranger identification card and service badge,

b) Ensure compliance with the responsibilities associated with nature conservation and landscape protection

c) Notify the respective authority, the CR Police or the relevant government authorities of any identified faults, weaknesses or damage without delay.

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