Nature trails in Šumava Protected Landscape Area



Boubínský prales - a nature trail leading through the vegetation of the Boubín mountain; primeval forest and other natural attractions; base point: Idina Pila VC

Stifterův okruh - a nature hiking trail in Horní Planá - poet Stifter and natural attractions

Boubínsky-pralesChuráňov - a loop in the surroundings of Zadov; a nature and sightseeing tour on history and natural attractions

Hamižná u Hartmanic - a nature and sightseeing tour, natural attractions


Hamry to Úhlavský luh

Špičák to Černé jezero


Hornovltavické pastviny

Na soutoku

- Šumava National Park and Protected Landscape Area Administration is the owner and the body responsible for all the nature trails as part of partnerships with municipalities; for nature and sightseeing tours, the ownership and duties apply to the locally responsible municipality.

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