Poledník viewing tower

Rozhledna Poledník Placed in the lookout tower, the exhibit starts in the entrance hallway by presenting the three forest vegetation zones which are passed through on your way to the upper floors: VI - spruce-beech, VII - beech-spruce, and VIII - spruce forest.

The first floor contains a welcome desk, the second floor presents the local history, and the third floor has display rooms.

The 37-metre viewing tower includes a walkway, offering a beautiful 360° view of the near and distant surroundings.

It is possible to clearly see the highest peaks of Šumava, e.g. Great Arber (1,456 m), Little Rachel (1,389 m), Great Rachel (1,453 m), and Boubín (1,362 m); often, one can even see the Alps.



The Poledník viewing tower is located at an elevation of 1,315 m, and is 37 m high; there are 227 stairs to reach the top.




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