Vimperk Chateau

Reconstruction and revitalization of Vimperk Chateau

Šumava - landscape and people in the third millennium
Logo Zámek Vimperk
  • The aim of the project is the reconstruction and revitalization of the intangible cultural heritage, the "Vimperk Chateau", and the garden and lands adjacent to the castle owned by Šumava NP.
  • Vimperk is presented in the project as another symbolic gateway to Šumava (together with Český Krumlov, Prachatice, Sušice and Klatovy). 
  • We would like to reconstruct this site in order to create an internationally important centre for environmental education and research.
  • The historical environment would form an attractive framework for presenting the general public with the principles of conservation and the importance of the NP and PLA.
  • The creation of a top European workplace, cooperating with colleges and universities in the Czech Republic and the global creation of top conditions for organizing conferences and international events of departmental, national and international importance and consequently significantly enhancing the development of services for the town and surrounding villages.
  • The chateau and gardens serve well for relaxation; they can be used to present traditional crafts and technologies to all age categories and visitors.


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