Natura – Šumava, a location of European importance

Designed according to the requirements of the Directive on habitats. The final size and shape is determined by the unification of many sub-locations with a different subject matter of protection. The outer boundaries of the location are determined by the area, where the reason for the protection is the lynx, which as a large beast needs to have a large territory allocated. Within this area are smaller hidden smaller locations with protected stanoviště / habitats - for example, typical Šumava peat bogs, mountain pine forests and beech forests. There are also the meadows, which arose through long-term human activities and are a valuable natural habitat and deserve protection. Within the big "lynx" area there are other areas designated for major European animal species (Bullhead, River otter, Common oriental bat, Lesser horseshoe bat, Pearl mussel, Brook lamprey, Ground beetle) and plants (Black gentian).

Hořeček český - jediná evropsky významná cévnatá rostlina v EVL Šumava, hořeček český, se často vyskytuje v blízkosti lidských sídel. I když vydra je u nás poměrně hojná, v některých státech Evropy již vyhynula.
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