Natura 2000

Natura 2000

NATURA 2000 is a system of protected territories of European importance with the most valuable natural habitats and with important flora and fauna species.

Why NATURA 2000?
As a new EU Member State the Czech Republic has a duty to follow binding documents. In terms of the environment, there are two important Directives, namely the Directive on the conservation of wild birds from1979 and the Directive on the protection of flora and fauna wildlife habitats from 1992. According to these, the Member States define the Natura 2000 sites, in order to preserve the natural environment and enable the survival of flora and fauna which have already disappeared from many parts of Europe.

Vrchoviště - pro Šumavu typický a jeden z nejcennějších biotopů. European Union countries planned to complete the creation of a system of protected areas of European importance by 2000; hence the whole system was called Natura 2000. 

What about the people?
The Šumava landscape and its current condition is the result of the long time co-existence of the people and nature. The aim of the protection of the Natura 2000 sites is not the expulsion of the people from the countryside, but to support those activities that enable both humans and nature to survive in the future. Therefore EU funds as well as CR government funding are, and will be, directed in order to support sound land use. During the preparation of the management plans for specific measures for different parts of the territory, the interests of local residents, whether in agriculture, forestry or activities associated with tourism will be taken into account. The general rule is that the only activities that will not be permitted will be those that could harm the subject matter of conservation in the specific location. Most of the territory will therefore be managed in the same way as before.

What next?
In February 2005, the National list of territories with European importance was sent to the European Commission in Brussels. Since the six years since approval by the European Commission (which is probably not just a matter of a few months since the European Commission carefully reviews the national lists of all 10 new EU Member states) the proposed locations should be promulgated and protected under our Czech legislation. This means that the appropriate protection category will be selected for those territories that are so far unprotected. In the case of Šumava, where in several locations the territory of European importance exceeds the scope of today's PLA, two options are being considered - extending the PLA or declaring small-scale, specially protected territories in the Natural Monument category.


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