This area of great interest, despite its overall mountainous character with predominating acidic substrates, features some peculiarities which distinguish this territory from other mountains in the Czech Republic. These curiosities are than significantly reflected in the characteristics of the soil.

The indicated characteristics include the extensive medium altitude of the territory, which drops slightly below 600 m.a.s.l. in only a few locations and therefore excludes the soils which normally appear at lower altitudes. Furthermore, the surface is relatively levelled, especially in the central part of the territory, and which is favourable to the extensive development of the hydromorphic and semi-hydromorphic soils. Finally, in comparison with other Bohemian and Moravian mountains, the territory has a relatively more moderate climate. The climate is probably conditioned by the orientation of the mountains to the south, and is also probably influenced by the Alpine föhn. The result of this influence is the slightly altered soil zoning in the territory, where the individual bands extend to higher altitudes than in other mountains.

The geological, pedological and geomorphological conditions create the basic preconditions for the development of vegetation and for the regime of the underground and surface water systems. The study of these conditions in relation to the vegetation is the main objective for the determination of the protection of water as well as the protection of the vegetation as a whole.

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