Research permits

Permit terms for research activities

The initiation of research activities in Šumava has fixed statutory rules. Coordination of research in Šumava National Park is based on the "Concept of research and long-term monitoring" and aims to guide the research activities of the NP, so that newly acquired knowledge can be utilized to the maximum in the management of protected areas.

The implementation of research is subject to the consent for research of especially protected parts of nature for the Šumava NP territory, where appropriate, permitted exceptions to the basic protective conditions of national parks (prohibition of driving motor vehicles off roads, local roads and places reserved with the consent of the nature body, from prohibition to enter the areas and travel outside the designated authority with approval for the conservation of plants in addition to bans on collecting wild fruits or capturing animals, etc.) and the basic conditions for the protection of specially protected species of flora or fauna (where required).

Submission of applications for the issue of such permits is usually preceded by discussions regarding the research project with the head of science and research and conservation of the NP Administration (contact:
Research results are made available in the Study Hall of the NP and PLA Administration in Kašperské Hory .


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