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Instructions to Authors

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Editorial policy. Research papers, reviews and short communications dealing with different aspects of natural history and nature protection especially within the territory of the Bohemian Forest are considered for publication in Silva Gabreta.
Manuscripts should be concise but informative, written in correct English. Contributions in German or Czech language should be supplemented with an English abstract and key words, as well as English translations of table headings and figure captions.
Title should be brief, containing words useful for indexing and information retrieval. The authors' institutional affiliations and postal addresses should be inserted under their names; an e-mail address of a corresponding author should be provided. An abstract should not exceed 200 words. Provide 3 to 5 key words indicating the scope of the paper. Only Latin names of genera and species (or botanical associations) should be written in Italics. Spacing 1.5 should be used throughout the text.
References in the text should be given in the following forms: (KRAUS 1985, HANZAL et al. 1994, KOUBEK & ČERVENÝ 1996), or SIMPSON (1965) said..., (SOFRON, in press), (BREITENMOSER,
unpubl.), or (pers. comm.), (in prep.). References should be listed alphabetically by author at the end of the manuscript. List only works referred to in the text. The surnames of all co-authors, original locations of publishers if journals have the same names, and a site, where manuscripts (thesis etc.) are deposited, should be given. In the case of paper in English language, all titles originally given only in other languages than English or German should be translated into English and given in brackets, [ ], along with information on the original language of the paper. Examples:
GUNN J.M. & KELLER W., 1990: Biological recovery of an acid lake after reductions in industrial emissions of sulphur. Nature (London), 345: 431-433.
JÍROVEC O. & JÍROVCOVÁ M., 1937: Chemismus šumavských jezer [The chemistry of the Šumava lakes]. Věstník královské české společnosti nauk, tř. II, 13: 1-21 (in Czech).
ODUM E.P., 1977: Základy ekologie [Fundamental ecology]. Academia Praha, 376 pp. (in Czech).
Chapter in monographs
BUBENIK A. & KÖNIG R., 1985: Morphometry of antlers of the genus Capreolus (Grey, 1821). In: Biology of deer production, FENNESSY P.F. & DREW K.R. (eds) The Royal Society of New Zealand, Bulletin, 22: 273- 278.
BEAN J.M., 1967: Population fluctuations of bank vole (Clethrionomys glareolus) in a lowland forest. Ms., diploma thesis, Charles university, Prague, 166 pp. (Zoological library of the Faculty of Sciences, Charles university, Prague)
All tables, figures, and illustrations must be referred to in the text. Tables should be clearly headed, single-spaced, typed on separate sheets following a list of references. They should be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals. Lines should separate only column headings or horizontal table sections (omit vertical lines). All illustrations (including photographs) are classified as figures and numbered consecutively. They should bear figure number and authors name. The text of figure captions should be typed after the tables.
Editorial processing of papers. The manuscript (including all tables and labelled copies of figures) should be submitted as an electronic file (preferably in MS Word format) to the editor. Authors will be notified of acceptance or need for revision. After the paper acceptance, the electronic final version of the text followed with both tables and figure captions (MS Word, version 6.0 or higher is preferred) should be sent by e-mail (text in MS Word or RTF format, charts in PDF or TIFF, photos in JPG, both at least 300 dpi quality).
Authors' reprints will be distributed in PDF format by e-mail and free available on the journal web site. Printed reprints may be ordered if desired and will be supplied at cost.

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