The Centre for EE in Kašperské Hory

The Centre for Environmental Education in Kašperské Hory provides a number of educational programmes.


SEV Kašperské Hory SEV Kašperské Hory

Programme venue:
SEV and IS Kašperské Hory, the complex near SEV and IS Kašperské Hory, nearby Kašperské Hory, the territory of Šumava NP and PLA.

Educational programmes can be booked:
By phone: 376 582 734, 731 530 284
By e-mail:

In writing at the address: SEV a IS Kašperské Hory, Sušická 399, 341 92, Kašperské Hory

Price per educational programme:
20 CZK/participant/programme

Number of participants:
A maximum of 25 people in one group (larger numbers are to be agreed in advance). 

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