Environmental education

The "Pod Skálou" Centre for Environmental Education at Stožec provides a number of educational programmes.


SEV Stožec SEV Stožec

Programme venue:
The surrounding areas of Stožec, SEV "Pod skálou" classroom, IC outdoor complex at Stožec, IC exhibition hall at Stožec.

Price per educational programme:
20 CZK/participant/programme

Programme dates:
All year round during weekdays, weekend stays are possible once a month.

Number of participants:
A minimum of 15 participants (actively participating in the programme); a maximum of 30 participants (actively participating in the programme)

Programme participants can be accommodated in rooms with bunk beds.
Information Centre Stožec 68, 284 44 Stožec, Tel.: 388 335 014, 731 530 282
e-mail: isstožec@npsumava.cz

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