Nature trails in Šumava National Park



Medvědí-stezka-2mMedvědí stezka - a nature trail that tells you more about the rock formations near Nová Pec; 14 km long, base point: Stožec Visitor Centre (VC)

Povydří - a nature trail detailing the natural attractions in the canyon valley of the River Vydra between Antýgl and Čeňkova Pila; 7 km long, base point: Rokyta VC

Chalupská slať - a short nature trail taking you to the largest peaty lake of Šumava; base point: Svinná Lada VC

Jezerní slať - a short nature trail that takes you to the peat bog; complete with a viewing tower, accessible for disabled visitors; base point: Kvilda VC

Tříjezerní slať - a short nature trail leading through the highest-elevated peat bog in Šumava; base point: Rokyta VC

Vchynicko-tetovský plavební kanál - a nature trail telling more about the natural and historic attractions near Antýgl; 7 km long; base point: Rokyta VC

Schwarzenberský plavební kanál - a trail detailing the natural and historic attractions of the south of Šumava and leading from Jelení Vrchy up to Nová Pec; 10 km long; base point: Stožec VC

Stožecká skála - a nature trail on history and nature leading to the rock of Stožecká skála via the chapel of Stožecká kaple; 8 km long; base point: Stožec VC / České Žleby VC

Vintířova stezka

Tříjezerní-slať-mKeltové na Šumavě - the castle of Obří hrad, the highest Celtic fort in Bohemia

Okolo Kostelního vrchu (Hauswaldská kaple) - a hiking trail about 2 km south of Srní in the woods near the flume of Vchynicko-tetovský plavební kanál

Soumarské rašeliniště - the trail maps the history and the current status of the peat bog which was very recently exploited for industrial extraction of peat

Šumava National Park and Protected Landscape Area Administration is the owner and the body responsible for all the nature trails.

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