Park Rangers

A park ranger knows their territory well and can provide you with:

  • Basic information about nature and protection, geographical information 
  • Recommendations for tourist trails and sports sites
  • Information on authorized and unauthorized activities within the protected area
  • Guide services
  • Help and advice

A park ranger can issue:

  • Educational or punitive measures (failing to comply with the conditions of nature protection in the protected territory can be solved by persuasion and also by issuing a fine)

Who can become a park ranger?
(Act No.114/92 Coll. on Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection)

A citizen of the Czech Republic over 21 years old, who:

  • Has not been convicted of any intentional crime,
  • Is legally capable,
  • Is physically fit,
  • Can demonstrate knowledge of the rights and duties of a nature guard
  • Has taken the nature guard oath
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