This seasonal visitor centre is located inside the renovated historic gamekeeper's lodge of the Schwarzenbergs in Březník. It is a well-known setting for stories by Karel Faustin Klostermann.

No refreshments are currently provided at the centre.

Dedicated to the history of the area surrounding Březník, as well as to writer Karel Klostermann, the exhibit was set up by Karel Klostermann - spisovatel Šumavy, an NGO based in Srní, with the assistance of Museum of Šumava in Sušice, Šumava National Park and Protected Land Area Administration, friends from the Bavarian Karl Klostermann - Dichter des Böhmerwaldes e.V., and some of the towns and villages of the region. 



The gamekeeper's lodge and the former residence of Mr Kořán, a district forest officer and the key protagonist of the novel Ze světa lesních samot [From the World of Forest Solitude] by Karel Klostermann, was revitalised in 2003 in its new role as a site for attracting and informing visitors. Since 2007, it has operated as a visitor centre of the Šumava National Park Administration.





The indoor display dedicated to the natural world also features a gallery of the famous writer. Spisovatel K.Klostermann




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