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The Czech-Bavarian information centre for the national and nature parks of Šumava is located in the historic building of the border train station Železná Ruda - Bayerischer Eisenstahl.

It presents the four protected areas of the mountain range, i.e. two national parks, one nature park, and one protected landscape area.


The main part of the interpretation area encompasses a relief map of Šumava depicting the area from Regensburg to Linz and from České Budějovice as far as Čerchov. The map has light indicators.

In 2014, a museum was opened in the German section of the building; it guides you through the area of the nature park, offering an interactive display about Mt Great Arber, the history of local railways, and a ski museum showing skis from their simple ski board origins up to the most modern skier equipment. The basement takes you through the life of bats. Please note that a fee is charged in this part.



Children can hear a story about Šumava as narrated by droplets of water. Basic knowledge of German and Czech vocabulary can be tested using a model train that moves forward for every right answer.


Contact details

Informační středisko Hraniční nádraží Železná Ruda
Tel.: +420 376 387 060
E-mail: isalzbetin@npsumava.cz

What the centre offers

The centre offers all visitors a display area focused on cross-border protected areas and a multi-purpose lecture and screening room.

The facility is wheelchair accessible - the ramp is located away from the entrance to the German section.

Programmes for the public are held in both the summer and winter seasons. These include trips to the nearby wildlife park on the German side of the border.


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