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This centre is dedicated to the settlement, peat bogs, wetlands, flumes, and ecosystems of Šumava.

The permanent exhibit introduces the visitor to the forest ecosystem, the beauty of the Šumava glacial lakes and watercourses, and the development and significance of peatlands for retaining water in the landscape and maintaining biodiversity.

Other sections cover topics such as environmental issues, food relationships in the wild, and the lives of Šumava's carnivores and its mysterious bats.



The centre is designed for all ages. At the core of the attractions that are targeted mainly at children, there are fun knowledge tests, many types of wooden puzzles, and a model of a fox den.

Contact details

Informační středisko
a středisko environmentální výchovy

Kašperské Hory
Sušická 399
341 92
Tel.: +420 376 582 734
E-mail: iskhory@npsumava.cz


What the centre offers

Opened in 1998, the centre serves year round for tourists, local residents, and schools to learn more about what is happening in Šumava National Park and across the region.

There is an interactive exhibit with information about the uniqueness of Šumava natural systems. The 40-seat screening room provides a range of audiovisual shows dedicated to nature and history.

Screenings, lectures, discussions, and other educational events are all part of programmes for the public.

The centre is wheelchair accessible, including the lift and the public toilet.

In winter, snowshoeing events, creative workshops, and lecture series including displays of travel photos from around the world are top attractions.

In the summer season, the centre mostly arranges field trips focusing on botany and bird watching, night sky viewings, special plans for families with children, and creative workshops for making items from natural materials and presenting traditional crafts.

The end of the holiday season traditionally closes with the European Bat Night. The centre presents as many as sixty programmes annually.




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