IC Rokyta

IS Rokyta budova

The permanent exhibit focuses on the history and settlement of Upper Šumava, covering chiefly forestry and timber floating.

A number of unique specimens and photographs document the life and work associated with these activities, presenting the opportunity to learn interesting facts about the history of the area and gain new knowledge about the life of our ancestors.

The geology exhibit near the centre explores the geological evolution of Šumava, making use of rocks occurring throughout the Šumava mountain range.



On display are models of a raft and a timber floating canal, original historical tools, and numerous archival photographs.

Contact details

Informační středisko Rokyta
(0.5 km to go/ride from Antýgl Autocamp)
Tel.: +420 376 599 009
E-mail: isrokyta@npsumava.cz


What the centre offers

Rokyta Information Centre is located halfway between the villages of Srní and Modrava, about 5 km from each. Near the centre there is a bus stop for the public Green Bus line. Nearby, you can also found the camping site of Antýgl, the flume of the Vchynicko-tetovský plavební kanál, and the River Vydra.

The centre, including the public toilet, is wheelchair accessible.


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