IC Svinná Lada

IS-S-Lada-budovaThis is a small, quiet facility, located close to the peat bog of Chalupská slať near the village of Borová Lada. It has been active since 1995 and was one of the first visitor and information centres of Šumava National Park.

The exhibit shows peatlands as a whole, enabling you to learn more about raised bogs, such as the fen of Tříjezerní slať, as well as about peatland meadows and wooded areas.



In 2011, the centre underwent extensive renovation. The new exhibit presents a Šumava peat bog. The showpieces can be ‘read' by any guest, including those with hearing, visual, and physical disabilities.

Contact details

Informační středisko Svinná Lada
Svinná Lada 21
pošta Kvilda
384 93
Tel: +420 388 434 180
e-mail: isslada@npsumava.cz


Please note that when there is a guided tour underway, the centre may close for a short period (about 45 minutes).

What the centre offers 

The facility houses a permanent exhibit dedicated to Šumava peat bogs in general and also depicting the individual types.

The display area makes use of features like Braille for the blind; auditory and other information are also complete with information cards for the deaf.

Visitors can watch audiovisual shows.

Near the centre there is a new outdoor area with a playground.

Guided tours to see the fen of Chalupská slať can be arranged with the staff.

The entrance and the public toilets are wheelchair accessible.

Programmes for the public are held in both the summer and winter seasons.
In the wintertime, snowshoe treks are available; summertime walks focus on the local natural world and history.


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