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IS Kvilda - budovaThe display area of the Kvilda Visitor Centre is dedicated to mountain forests. It presents two elementary principles of taking care of the forest in Šumava National Park: intervention and non-intervention.

Both of the principles are presented through large-format photographs, complete with interactive elements, animal models and stuffed animals.
The same topic is covered in ‘A Day in the Mountain Forest' - a 3D movie.

Other films shown in the visitor projection room add information about the natural conditions of Šumava.


Can you imagine what a ‘clifden nonpareil' might be? If you're at a loss, then pay a visit to Kvilda Visitor Centre and peep under a magnifying glass. It is this country's largest moth, and it is relatively widespread.

Contact details

Informační středisko Kvilda
Kvilda 14
384 93
Tel.: +420 388 435 544
E-mail: iskvilda@npsumava.cz 


Organised groups: to explore Kvilda Visitor Centre, please make a reservation in advance by telephone. Thank you for your understanding.

What the centre offers

The permanent exhibit at Kvilda Visitor Centre is available to every guest. The entrance section is dedicated to tourism opportunities; the remainder presents the mountain forest of Šumava.

The ground floor also has a cloakroom, a playroom, a welcome desk, and a shop. The quieter area on the first floor offers access to a 45-seat screening room and a library, including a publicly available Internet connection. The hallway between the screening room and the library features photographic displays.

Both the ground floor and first floor have public toilets available and are wheelchair accessible.

Programmes for the public are held during the busy visitor seasons, which are the spring and summer school holidays. Summer hiking tours in the great outdoors are focused on various topics. In the wintertime, we offer snowshoe treks and cross-country ski trips.

Printed matter & miscellaneous
A wide range of materials is available for sale and for free, including maps, guides, brochures, books, wooden coins, and postcards.


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