Visitor centres and facilities

To learn more about what's going on and where in Šumava National Park and to gain more insight, we recommend visiting our visitor information and interpretation centres and other facilities within the zoology programme.



IC Opening hours



Visitor centres:

Kvilda, Svinná Lada, Rokyta, Kašperské Hory, Alžbětín, Idina Pila, Stožec


Zoology programme

Kvilda Visitor and Interpretation Centre

Srní Visitor and Interpretation Centre


Other facilities within the zoology programme:
Place to watch wildlife
Wildlife rescue centre
Owl aviaries
Fish hatchery


Information system in the field :

Bučina Visitor Centre (VC) - open all year
Double information boards at the main car parks in the villages throughout Šumava National Park and Protected Landscape Area
Information at minor car parks along public roads
Base information points at the edges of villages - Borová Lada, Kvilda, Modrava
Information near natural sights - glacial lakes, springs of the River Vltava, Březník, the stream of Roklanský potok

Mt Poledník - viewing tower
Březník - restored historic Schwarzenberg gamekeeper's lodge


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