Šumava guides

"Man will not overlook what he knows best, and will protect everything that he values".

Nature conservation and landscape protection is the objective of anyone who lives in such an environment and hopes to preserve the same for future generations. The landscape and nature guide helps you to discover the environment, learn about its past and present. It explains relationships in nature and aids understanding of the interaction between man and nature. The guide presents the native or otherwise nearby region and this way builds up a positive relationship with it and can then share this with the visitor.

Via their services, the Šumava guides enrich the regional resources and even more so within the area of the tourist industry. The resulting profit for the region should become the actual income of the guide.

The outcome of the training of Šumava guides is the annual offer of off-road walks which has been presented since 2007. Everybody is welcome to join the new guides.

We wish you a pleasant experience!


The coordinator guides: Josef Štemberk, tel.: 00420 388 450 217, GSM: 00420 731 530 287, e-mail: josef.stemberk@npsumava.cz


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