Ski trails

“The white track" - tracks for visitors practising cross country skiing

Šumava offers ideal conditions for winter cross-country skiing. So why not take advantage!


Gentle uphill gradient and sloping are typical for the extensive Šumava plains. The altitude is almost always above 1,000 m and therefore the snow conditions are sufficient throughout most of the winter months. The tracks which run alongside the canal are of great interest and not at all difficult.

Šumava has marked a whole network of ski trails measuring a total of 450 km (including 250 km in the NP); 320 km of the ski trails are maintained by snowmobiles (including 200 km in the NP). The ski trails are maintained and open from 15.12 until 31.3 subject to snow conditions. Information about the current status of ski trails can be found here.

The winter landscape is beautiful when the nature goes to sleep. However, for the residents of the forest it is a period of deprivation. The excessive outlay of energy can cost capercaillie their life. Therefore, please follow the instructions and maintain the peace in the forest that is in its resting stage while the residents try to save as much energy as possible. Do not unnecessarily leave the marked trails to disturb the wildlife. Take your waste with you back home or put it into the bins provided in the village.

Thank you for your consideration towards our nature.

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