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Where the Šumava Plains begin to drop steeply, there is a place called Hartmanice on the mountainside of the Hamižná peak. Further above, there is the village of Dobrá Voda stretching along the old road. To the south are the natural beauties of Šumava National Park. In the foothills, a region begins of ‘oat baronets' with well-preserved sights and traditions, including the water mill of Žežulka in the valley of the stream of Pstružný potok (the valley of Pekelské údolí). There are diverse opportunities for hikers and cyclists.

Hartmanice-situaceThe country around what is now Hartmanice was the place to which the monk Vintíř (Gunther) retreated as early as thousand years ago; he is referred to as the first resident of Šumava, and his exact origins and name are now known: he was initially a Thuringian count called Gunther of Niederaltaich, who lived between 955 to 1045 approximately. Today, the trail of Vintířova stezka is a reminder of the monk's life; coming to Šumava via Gsenget near Prášily, it leads over the mountain of Březník with the rock of Vintířova skála to continue to Mouřenec and thence to the Břevnov Monastery, Prague.

Today, this region is cut through by the pilgrimage trail of Via Nova.


Walking to the rock of Vintířova skála

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kostel-Sv.Vintíře-S-ŠůnaThe starting point will be Dobrá Voda, where a visit to the Church of St Gunther, with its unique glass altar, is recommended. Visiting the site is completed with a visit to the Jewish Dr Simon Adler Museum. The walk to the rock leads over Pustina (blue marks) and via forest (green marks). From the restored Chapel of St Gunther, stairs carved in the rock lead to the top from which there opens an expansive view; somewhere below is the cave which a thousand years ago was inhabited by the monk Gunther, according to legends. It has not yet been found by anyone. Should you get lost looking for it, finding your way back is easy; just follow the green marks via Rovina.

Před námi se otevře daleký výhled a někde pod námi zůstává jeskyně, ve které již před tisícem let přebýval dle legendy mnich Vintíř. Jeskyni dodnes nikdo nenašel, ale cestu zpět najdeme snadno - zelená TZT přes Rovinu


Around the mountain of Křemelná

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Zadní-Paště-K-MálováIt is possible to start from Dobrá Voda or the nearby car parks (Rovina / car park downhill from Dobrá Voda). Initially, you walk on an asphalt road (blue marks) through the forest to the former settlement of Stodůlky - the signs warning against unexploded ordnance refer to recent history; the overgrown remnants of buildings are older.

While on the way overlooking the canyon of the River Křemelná (green marks), you come to the first clearing in Zadní Paště with the repaired Chapel of St Martin, followed by Prostřední Paště and, finally, Přední Paště (repaired Chapel of Virgin Mary). A wooden arrow leads you to a magical chapel near mining galleries. As you climb to Velký Babylon, the combination of the amazing view and the strenuous ascent are sure to leave you breathless.


To the lake of Prášilské jezero and to Poledník

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Prášilské-jez-M-ČubanWhether starting directly in Prášily or at the car park of Slunečná, head for the lake of Prášilské jezero (red marks). It features a moraine and was formed by a glacier about 10 thousand years ago. Sturdier hikers can continue to the mountain-top of Poledník with its observation tower. Everyone is sure to enjoy the ‘divine world' view from above; as you climb the stairway, you can explore a display dedicated to the history of this former military tower.

Note the vigour of Mother Nature as demonstrated by the trail called Windbreaks in the Mountain Spruce Forest. You can get back by following the green marks. Please be aware that the Poledník-Gsenget route is open only from 15 July to 15 November. Staying overnight on the top of Poledník is legally possible at a designated site.



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