International cooperation

International participation of Šumava

Nature protection in Šumava is addressed through the Administration of Šumava NP and PLA and the Ministry of Environment and is bound by the legislation of the Czech Republic including the implementation of international treaties and agreements. At the same time, the protection of the territory is subject to international organisations and programmes, joined and ratified by the Czech Republic.

Another reason for the protection of the local landscape is the international prestige and cultural sophistication with historical roots. 

Fulfilling the criteria of international treaties and agreements is an essential prerequisite for archiving success in terms of eminent international recognition of the NP, respectively the CR (in particular in the form of the independently certified quality of natural values as well as the standards and quality management of the NP, etc.) on the international nature conservation scene.

A good example is the cross-border bilateral "Twin-park" - NP Bavarian Forest / Šumava NP, recognized as a cornerstone of the European Natura 2000 network, including coordination of care plans), and further implementation of the IUCN criteria for Category II ("National Park"). The awards from international institutions (such as IUCN, EUROPARC and others) which provide additional bonuses to the region are closely related to the intensification of links to the international sphere.

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