Territory preservation

Legislation on territory preservation

Conservation status


Conservation status - "National Park" category in accordance with CR statutory order No. 163/1991 Coll., and in accordance with Act No. 144/92 Coll. on Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection. Further protective conditions of the territory are determined by the establishment of individual zones in the NP (3 zones - levels of protection):
I. zone - strictly natural, includes the most valuable and most stable territories with natural ecosystems - the remaining virgin forest, wetlands and upland peat-bogs. The I. zone territory is left to naturally develop free of human interference.
II. zone - controlled natural, includes the remaining part of the forest and other ecosystems with various degrees of composition and environmental statuses, ranging from the original through modified up to severely damaged and genetically unsuitable. The objective of all activities is to maintain the natural balance and gradual convergence of the existing ecosystems (through rectification and rebuilding) to the natural communities.
III. zone - marginal, includes extensively modified territories and concentrated urban development. The objective is to maintain and support the use of this zone for permanent housing, services, agriculture, tourism and recreation providing there is no conflict with the mission of the national park.
The creation of NP zones is considered as a necessary means of restoring the ecological stability of the landscape.
NP Protection Zone: Not established, this role is fulfilled by the Šumava PLA.
Foto - okolí Boubína

Under a substantial international umbrella 

- Status of the "Biosphere Reserve" Since 1990, Šumava has been entered into the UNESCO list in Paris, with the borders usually including the former Šumava PLA (with variations in the territories of Lipno and Sušice), and the central area of Šumava National Park.

-"Šumava peat-bogs" are the most typical phenomenon of nature conservation in Šumava, and have been listed since 1990 as the so called Ramsar Convention for the protection of internationally significant wetlands.

-"Šumava" was included by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in the "Red Book of ecosystems".

-"Ecological building block of Europe" No. 15 Bavarian Forest - Šumava, supported by a bilateral protection area:
• NP according to the international criteria of the IUCN (category II - national parks), Bavarian Forest NP since 1970, Šumava NP since 1991
• Biosphere Reserve according to the UNESCO list, Bavarian Forest BR since 1981, Šumava BR since 1990

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