Silva Gabreta 10

  • 01.12.2004
Silva Gabreta 10

Zbyněk Hrkal & Zdeněk Zelinka

Does the Bohemian Forest region follow the Ore Mountains? A comparison of acidification impact


The objective of this paper is to characterize methods and results of regional investigation of vulnerability of shallow near surface aquifer and areal impact of acid atmospheric deposition in the zone of the Bohemian Forest (Šumava Mts.). Regional assessment of groundwater acidification in this area was done using maps of vulnerability and pollution load in the GIS. The applicability of single subsidiary data and reliability of resulting maps of vulnerability were tested and confronted with the results of long-term monitoring of groundwater quality. Effects of various factors influencing the degree of groundwater acidification were studied during this investigation. The concentration of HCO3 was used as a testing parameter. Effects of altitude, local morphology and geology and character of vegetation and soil cover, were also considered. Large investments directed in implementation of the so-called desulphurisation projects turned out to have been very successful. Lower concentrations of sulphur in acid atmospheric deposition have shown prolonged trends. From the other hand the Bohemian Forest region showed increased concentrations of nitrogen in atmospheric deposition. This increase is obviously due to progressing intensity of car traffic.

Key words:
atmospheric deposition, groundwater acidification, vulnerability assessment

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