Silva Gabreta 10

  • 01.12.2004
Silva Gabreta 10

Jaroslav Boháč & Aleš Bezděk

Staphylinid beetles (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) recorded by pitfall and light trapping in Mrtvý Luh peat bog


Communities of staphylinid beetles were studied using pitfall and light traps in Mrtvý Luh peat bog in the Bohemian Forest. The methods used for staphylinids trapping influence principally the results of the beetles community structure: three species of staphylinids were found both in pitfall traps and light traps only from total 38. The number of species found by pitfall traps was distinctly lower than by light traps (15 versus 26 species). The number of species differs significantly in the community studied by pitfall trapping in the centre and margin of the peat bog (4 and 13 species). Differently from its margin (1 tyrphophilous species), there were not found any tyrphobionts or tyrphophils in the centre of the peat bog. The myrmecophagous species Drusilla canaliculata prevails in the centre of the peat bog. There were no significant differences in the number of staphylinids found in the centre and margin of the peat bog by light traps (19 and 15 species). The dominant species (Deleaster dichrous and Carpelimus spp.) are good fliers with great migration possibilities. Many other staphylinids kept by light traps are accidental only. Other methods are needed for the study of staphylinid beetles (sifting and tramling).

Key words:
Staphylinidae, flight activity, distribution, peat bog, Bohemian Forest

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