Zuzana Kodrová & Jana Růžičková

Chemistry of the Bohemian Forest streams affected by acidification and deforestation of the catchment


Stream chemistry was studied in the central part of the Bohemian Forest (=Šumava Mts.) at 16 sampling sites in the Vydra and Křemelná catchments from 2002–2003. The streams situated at higher elevations are affected by acidification and the forest decay due to the bark-beetle outbreaks. The research indicates, that deforestation leads to increases in conductivity and nitrate concentrations and to decreases in pH values and sulphate concentrations. In the long-term perspective, conductivity, nitrate and sulphate concentrations have decreased and pH and base cations have increased in the streams studied, indicating their recovery from acidification.

Key words:
streams, water quality, acidification, deforestation

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