Jiří Kaňa & Jiří Kopáček

Sulphate sorption characteristics of the Bohemian Forest soils


Sulphate (SO4-S) sorption characteristics were determined in soils from catchments of three acidified mountain lakes, Plešné (PL), Čertovo (CT), and Černé (CN), situated in the Bohemian Forest. The SO4-S desorption ranged between 0.07–0.73, 0.21–0.68, and 0.39–0.82–1 in the PL, CT, and CN catchments, respectively. SO4-S desorption was observed to be higher in horizon A than in mineral horizons below. The SO4-S represented only 3.4% of total S pool in the catchments and did not explain a relatively high rate of terrestrial leaching of sulphate over last 10 years. This disproportion suggests that the soil SO4-S pool is being replenished from internal soil processes from the pool of total S. Sulphate sorption maxima in soils in the catchments of the Bohemian Forest lakes varied between 1.5–11.7–1, being highest in A-horizon and lowest in E-horizon.

Key words:
acidification, recovery, soil chemistry

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